Geoffrey Mark

Early Life

Chicago born and raised, entertainment guru Geoffrey Mark started life as the son of a reporter and film reviewer. His father, Norman Mark, taught him the essence of both good story writing and storytelling. His early experiences combined with an indomitable work ethic; his first jobs were selling used books at the age of 12 and teaching adults how to use computers at 15. He taught himself coding, starting a moderately successful software company at age 17. By the time he graduated from USC, he focused his energy on producing world class popular entertainment.

A Long Career in Entertainment

Starting at the bottom of the ladder in Saturday morning cartoons, Geoffrey rose from Production Assistant to Production Manager in his first year on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon. He transitioned that to Post Production Supervisor on The Simpsons, which is where he met his wife Wendy.

An opportunity to develop cutting-edge video games brought his production, animation and programming skills together at Virgin Games, Radical Entertainment and his own video game company, Mad Genius Software.

The world of film and television called, and Geoffrey answered. With films such as Serenity and Spiderman 3, and TV shows like Winning Time, Battlestar Galactica, and The Morning Show, he found challenge and success working in or with every department in popular entertainment production. From 2nd Unit Director on Sharknado to CG Supervisor on dozens of shows such as Outer Banks and The Orville to Producer on a dozen projects, to camera, sound, lighting, camera, writing and even acting ... he has enjoyed a long and varied career! He has wroked with all major networks, streaming services and distributors.

The complete list of his screen credits can be found here.


Geoffrey has started and successfully run several companies in the fields of video games, database development and entertainment production.

In 2008 he was elected Governor of the Special Visual Effects peer group at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (The Emmys.) The most accomplished among his peers in the entertainment industry elected him to that position. During that time he worked toward improved Emmy voting procedures and to increase the status and position of his peer group among the other groups within the Emmys organization.

Geoffrey is a licensed pilot and has flown many Search and Rescue missions for the Civil Air Patrol, where he holds the rank of Captain. He also volunteered for NASA on the Space Shuttle Landing and Recovery team.

33 Years as an entertainment professional
120 Total film & TV projects
Over 1000 TV episodes

Combined estimated revenue: Over $2 billion!